Author Visits

I love talking to schools, libraries, and other organizations and can accommodate almost any age group and size—from a single 3rd grade class all the way to a college lecture hall. Past school visits have included:

  • Abbott Middle School, MI
  • Far Hills Country Day, NJ
  • Gombert Elementary School, IL
  • Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School, IL
  • Bulita Elementary School, IL
  • Kendall Elementary School, IL
  • Egbert Intermediate School, NY
  • School of Visual Arts (SVA), NY
  • MICA, MD
  • Syracuse University, NY
  • And more!

My presentations

Elementary School–Middle School

I do a Powerpoint presentation where I show and talk about my work as a creator. It covers:

  • What illustration is vs. fine art.
  • The art that I make for books and the process and thought behind book covers.
  • The different roles editors, authors, and designers play in making a book.
  • What a designer is and how—even if a person can’t draw but loves art—he or she can work with artists to help make beautiful things.
  • The life of an author/illustrator.
  • What kids can do now if they want to eventually become an author or illustrator.

Additionally, I do a hands-on drawing demonstration where, taking suggestions from the students, we build our own middle schooler together. (Kids love this.) And, if there’s any additional time, kids can create their own characters and I’ll help!

High School–College

I give a much more in-depth talk about my work as a creator, covering things like:

  • An overview of my career.
  • A showcase of specific pieces in my portfolio with explanations about how they came to be.
  • Real-world stories and anecdotes with a focus on “getting from here to there” as a creative professional.
  • Business aspects of the career that every student should know.

I also will review student portfolios if time allows.


Honorariums vary based on location, activities, and length of talk. If traveling outside of NYC, transportation and lodging (if an overnight stay is necessary) must be paid for. For events where copies of my books will be purchased ahead of time, I will reduce the cost of the honorarium significantly. Whatever your budget is, I’ll work with you to ensure a quality visit.

More Information

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for an author visit, please get in touch via my contact form. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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