Lots Happening

Lots of stuff to report here:

First, my comic creation, Mr. Wiggles, will be featured in a Dr. Sketchy’s tribute next weekend. In case you don’t know Dr. Sketchy’s, it’s Molly Crabapple’s live figure drawing extravaganza featuring burlesque dancers and other entertainers posing for anyone who wants to attend (and pay the fee, of course). Model Darlinda Just Darlinda will be posing in a bear costume for the event and I’ll be on-hand to sign and sell books and meet anyone who wants to meet me. Details are as follows:

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tribute to Mr. Wiggles
March 13, 4 – 7pm

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St @ the corner of Stanton (F to Delancy)
$10 in advance. $15 at the door
Bring your own art supplies.

Hope to see some of you there!

Secondly, a couple of days before Dr. Sketchy’s, I’ll be participating at MICA’s (The Maryland Institute College of Art) midterm reviews. I’ll spend the day, March 11th, reviewing portfolios and talking to the students and then doing a short presentation of my work. I’m really looking forward to it!

Thirdly, sometime way way after this stuff (in July), I’ll be having a solo show of my work in a gallery in Italy. I’ll give further details once the contract’s signed and we’ve made it all official.

In design news, I posted the cover to a novel I’ve been designing for Egmont USA. This one’s only a bound galley design right now (something used for sales) and the final, full jacket is still being worked on. I’ve also been working on designing and art directing a picture book by William Joyce called The Man in the Moon which is the first book in his Guardians of Childhood series. A movie is currently in production right now based around his Guardians characters so this will, hopefully, be a pretty big book when it comes out. Starting this week, I’m also beginning preliminary work on Clive Barker’s new Abarat book which I’ll be designing. I’m really excited to get the manuscript and start reading it soon!

In writing news, I’ve signed with Brant Rose as my agent and Chad Snopek as my manager for Hollywood film and TV stuff. I’ve been doing rewrites of my Nicholl-finalist screenplay EDDIE FANTASTIC! and we’re preparing the process of sending it out to industry folks. I’ve also been working on developing a new script and some other film and TV stuff, but nothing that I can talk about specifically here at the moment.

In additional news on EDDIE FANTASTIC!, I had interest from an editor who wanted to acquire it as a young adult novel so I worked up a pitch for her and she’ll be shopping it around as early as this week. If it gets picked up, I think it will be a super fun book as it will contain a lot of illustrations and fund designy things.

And then there’s some other projects on the horizon that are a little too premature to mention! Whew! A lot of stuff! Anyway, with all this stuff going on, I should probably get back to work!