Secrets to Ruling School Selected for the ILA-CBC Children’s Choices 2016 Reading List

Very exciting news! The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying) was selected for the ILA-CBC Children’s Choices 2016 Reading List! A bit about the list:

Each year 12,500 school children ages 5–12 from different regions of the United States read newly published children’s and young adults’ trade books and vote for the ones they like best. These Children’s Choices, selected from more than 900 titles, can be counted on as books children really enjoy reading. This list, a project of a joint committee supported by ILA and The Children’s Book Council (CBC), is designed for use not only by teachers, librarians, administrators, and booksellers but also by parents, grandparents, caregivers, and everyone who wishes to encourage young people to read for pleasure.

So, what makes this super rad is that this list is voted on by kids, not adults! Which makes me totally pumped that the people I wrote the book for are digging it. You can check out the full list here.