Press and Promotion

Hey there, internet peeps! So, I got me a funky fresh new site here. This semester at Parsons, I have to teach my class to make simple websites that will only take a few weeks to do, so I thought Wordpress would be a good platform for it. As such, I had to learn how to use it myself and figured I might as well overhaul my own site at the same time. The ol' practice what you preach approach.

Lots of stuff to report here: First, my comic creation, Mr. Wiggles, will be featured in a Dr. Sketchy's tribute next weekend. In case you don't know Dr. Sketchy's, it's Molly Crabapple's live figure drawing extravaganza featuring burlesque dancers and other entertainers posing for anyone who wants to attend (and pay the fee, of course). Model Darlinda Just Darlinda will be posing in a bear costume for the event and I'll be on-hand to sign and sell books and meet anyone who wants to meet me. Details are as follows: