Hit Count for Algonquin Books

Here’s a new cover I designed for the book, Hit Count, for Algonquin Books. I did some Photoshop jujitsu to beat up a football helmet and hired my brother to do some cool 3D title typography. Hit Count comes out on May 19th!


My Middle School Book Gets a New Cover (and Title)

The book I illustrated last year has a new cover and title. It’s now called Middle School: Big, Fat Liar. Check it out!

Discount on my Interior Book Design Class

Get 50% off my new Skillshare class,  Book Design Basics: Styling Novel Interiors, for the next 7 days! Use promo code “BASELINE”!


Girl on a Wire

Since the author just did her cover reveal, I’m free to finally show you guys the cover I drew and designed for Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond, published by Amazon’s Skyscape imprint! The book comes out on October 1st and was super fun to illustrate!

An Online Skillshare Class by Neil Swaab

Skillshare class – Book Design Basics: Styling Novel Interiors

I’m psyched to announce my new Skillshare class, Book Design Basics: Styling Novel Interiors! In this class, I teach you how to design a novel interior starting from a simple Word document and turning it into a fully designed book, ready for print or e-devices. Whether you’re just starting out and want to design your own self-published book and don’t know how, or you’re a professional artist/designer who wants some guidance on best practices for creating interiors using InDesign the right way, this is the class for you. And many of the lessons also apply towards other kinds of book design like picture books or poetry books, if you’re interested in that! So, please, check it out and spread the word!


The Witch’s Boy

A new cover I art directed for Algonquin books. Illustrated and lettered by Jon Klassen.


The Rookie Bookie

Here’s a new cover I illustrated and designed for Little, Brown for the novel, The Rookie Bookie. This one was particularly fun because I got to play with some cool textures in the typography and had a blast combining my art with photographic elements.

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A Creature of Moonlight: New Type

Hey, didn’t realize they did some hand-lettering for A Creature of Moonlight before it went to press! So much cooler than the old version!


Rags & Bones Accepted into TDC’s Communication Design Competition!

Just got news that the book, Rags & Bones, that I art directed and designed for Little, Brown got a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from TDC’s Communication Design Competition! And, of course, huge props to Grady McFerrin who did the illustrations/hand-lettering! Here’s what the full jacket looks like:

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Business of Illustration

Ten years ago, I started teaching a Professional Practices class for illustrators at Parsons the New School for Design. Since then, I’ve had many graduates come up to me, wishing they could repeat my course now that they’re out of school and actually living what I was talking about. Today, I’m launching a weekly blog, Business of Illustration, dedicated to those things. Add it to your reading list!


My Zombie Hamster

A quick zombie hamster illustration I did for Egmont USA.  Below is how the designer used the final art:

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Illustration & Design Coffee Mugs

It’s snowing and freezing outside so I made some dumb illustration & design coffee mugs to warm up. Originally, they were going to be part of a larger project I’m working on, but I think they work better as a single piece.


The Island of Excess Love

Here’s a new book cover I illustrated for Henry Holt and Company: The Island of Excess Love by Francesca Lia Block. This is the sequel to Love in the Time of Global Warming, which I also had the pleasure of illustrating.


Holly Goldberg Sloan Book Covers for Little, Brown

Here are a couple of new covers I worked on recently for Little, Brown when I was doing that last maternity leave fill-in.

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The Young World

Now that it’s been officially revealed, I’m thrilled to post the cover to The Young World by Chris Weitz, a book I art directed and designed for Little, Brown.

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Saving Lucas Biggs

Here’s a fun cover I got to do for HarperCollins publishers for a book called Saving Lucas Biggs! It’s about time travel and murder and is told from the perspective of two different narrators. The book comes out April 2014.


Happy Halloween!

A quick spot illustration I did a while back for a personal project.


Secrets and Lies

One of the books I art directed and designed recently during the 3 months I filled in at Little, Brown is Secrets and Lies. Looking at the first book in the series, Truth or Dare, I loved how the art director emphasized focus on the finger and mouth. Since this was going to be a trilogy, I immediately thought about See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil.

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A Creature of Moonlight

Here’s a new cover I illustrated a few months back for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt called A Creature in Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn! Comes out May 2014!


Paolo Bacigalupi for Oberlin Alumni Magazine

Here’s a quick illustration I did recently of author Paolo Bacigalupi (Ship Breaker, Drowned City, Zombie Baseball Beatdown) for Oberlin Alumni Magazine!